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Start-up Assistance

 Enjoy with New Business Startup Services

Bridgeport Consulting's professional team comprises of industry experts from different fields with substantial experience in setting up and running several businesses. We will not only help you with registering your new company on paper but also in jumpstarting your business in a completely new geography. Bridgeport Consulting will act as a full time working partner for all your start-up business services for regarding company needs.

If you want to raise money to finance your new business, investors and lenders will not even consider providing money to your business unless you have a PLAN - and it must be a plan that shows that you have really thought about and through what you are proposing. If you have never prepared a business plan before, our resource partners will take you through each of the following elements and help you prepare a detailed business plan.

•  Summary – a brief overview of the plan
•  Business Description – what the company does
•  Market Analysis – who the customer is, market sizing, trends
•  Competition – who else is out there in the market – local or foreign
•  Product or service analysis – why is your product better
•  Objectives – quantifiable targets
•  Marketing Strategy – how to achieve these targets
•  Operations – how to make products/services
•  Management – who will run it
•  Timings – when will things happen
•  Finances – historical, actual, projections
•  Supporting Information – exhibits, brochures, photos, appendices etc

Once you have prepared a well thought-out and organized business plan, you are ready to showcase your plans and meet the prospective investors. Leveraging its network, Bridgeport Consulting will help you connect with potential investors through capital introduction meetings.

Depending on the specific industry criteria and sector, we will schedule 6-10 meetings with a group of pre-screened investors. We will manage the entire process from understanding to introducing opportunities to our network of investors.

Fund raising is not a one-time event, rather it consists of several phases that coincide with development phases of the business plan. Some of the development/fundraising stages might be:

•  Seed Money
•  Angel Investors
•  Venture Capitalists
•  Banks, financial institutions, investment companies

We provide a host of start up business services supportfor your new business so that you can focus on core business priorities. Some of these services include:

•  Bookkeeping and Accounting
•  Recruitment and payroll management
•  IT solutions
•  Tax Services

Starting a new business in a new geography will require a lot of documentation related to the local laws. While you are busy focusing on the strategic aspects of your business, you do not want to spend time and manpower in making these standard documents. At the same time, you do not have the budget for getting these services done by traditional law firms which charge exorbitantly. We will prepare these documents for you at significantly lower costs.

•  Employment contracts
•  Shareholder agreements
•  Share purchase agreements
•  Non-disclosure agreements
•  Term Sheets
•  Non-solicitation agreements
•  Confidentiality agreements
•  HR policies and manuals

•  Client Introduction
•  Service Provider Introduction
•  Senior Management Introduction