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Business Valuations

Business Valuation, in simple terms, represent the actual worth of a business.

Our business valuation services will help you discover the true value of your business and enable you to optimize and monitor that business value to achieve your firm’s objectives. Valuation helps to quantify the true worth of a company and helps its management to identify strategic resources. Bridgeport Consulting will help you make better informed decisions and understand your growth opportunities. Our strength in business valuations stems from our expertise in financial modeling, forecasting, equity research, M&A transaction negotiation and structuring, and financial accounting and reporting.

•  Start-up valuations
•  Merger & Acquisition valuations
•  Valuation for setting up joint ventures and partnerships
•  Asset valuations (including leasing, refinancing etc)
•  Real time business valuation dashboard
•  Appraisal/Feasibility report monitoring

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