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Subsidiary Company + Employment Pass

A foreign company can establish its presence in Singapore either by incorporating a subsidiary company or by opening a branch office or a representative office.

A Subsidiary Company in Singapore is a locally incorporated limited liability company with which the majority of shares are held by the local or foreign company.

This package is suitable for foreign companies who want to open a subsidiary company in Singapore and relocate its company executives to manage the company's operations in Singapore. In this case, the subsidiary company will be a limited liability company and majority shareholding will be with the parent company.

You will need Nominee director service on a temporary basis until the company executive has obtained employment pass and thereafter transfer the directorship to the company's locally resident director.

Completed application form (download)
• Proposed Company Name (to check availability)

Each corporate shareholder
• Copy of incorporation certificate of parent company in home country
• Current extract of company particulars from Registrar of Companies
• Copy of MOA and AOA
• Copy of board resolution approving incorporation of Singapore company and authorized signatory

Each individual shareholder/director
• Non residents : Copy of passport and residential proof in home country
• Residents : Copy of NRIC/employment pass

For nominee director service
• Completed KYC form (download) with CV and passport
• Personal bank reference letter

For Employment Pass
• Employment Pass application form (download), endorsed with company seal/stamp
• Education certificates and transcripts
• A recent passport size photograph

Important note : All documents must be in English; or officially translated in English.


Year 1 Year 2
Subsidiary Registration 750 -
Nominee Director (for 2 months) 500 -
Company Secretary (per year) FREE 350
Registered Office Address (per year) FREE 120
Employment Pass (per applicant) 900 -
TOTAL 2150 470
Nominee Director (refundable deposit) 1500 -
Dependent Pass (per applicant) 500 -

Company incorporation services include government fee of SGD 315

Foreign companies have 3 options to establish their presence in Singapore by way of – a subsidiary company, a branch office or a representative office.

A subsidiary company is an ideal choice for a foreign company to establish their presence in Singapore. A subsidiary is a locally incorporated private limited company which can be wholly owned by a foreign corporate. The liability of the foreign company is limited to the share capital subscribed by the parent company.

A Singapore-based subsidiary of a foreign company is considered as a tax-resident in Singapore and is entitled to following benefits:
• Benefits under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA)
• Income tax exemptions on foreign sourced dividends and service income
• Exemptions available for new start-up companies, upon meeting eligibility criteria

A subsidiary company, with at least one individual shareholder with minimum of 10% shareholding, is entitled to local tax incentives. New start-up companies pay zero tax on the first S$100,000 of chargeable income for the first three consecutive years.

The Companies Act in Singapore allows 100% ownership of a subsidiary company by foreign entities.